New animal and pet themed gift products for the holidays from asher + arden

Is it over?  Summer that is?

Well, I'm very glad we live in a place where there are Octobers! It seems like things start all over again in the Fall and that renewal is an opening of sorts that is adventurous here in Vermont and is certainly felt by our friends with fur here in the studio!

Did you know for example that this is the only time of the year that for a few weeks, our pups don't need quite as much brushing as their fur gets thicker and prepares for Winter?  So nice! 

Our pack has been working all summer though modeling and creating new goods for you! Just in time for the holidays with no rush!  We've created an assortment of new illustrations that represent a welcome exception to the expected and you can find them on greeting cards, holiday box sets, notecard sets, fine art prints and an assortment of gifts.  

Here we've collected an assortment of what's new

We'll keep you posted throughout the holiday season on the great designs and gifts featuring our favorite animal friends.  

September 30, 2021 — Donna Bepler