We notice the good in life and our work is created in appreciation of the connection we have to it all!

"My first dog Maggie, rescued me at the perfect time and gave me far more than I can ever say. My love for her helped me appreciate the connection we have with everything in our world and our work is focused on capturing that energy and the impact it has on our own well being." 

asher + arden creates stationery + gifts for any occasion. The original designs are drawn by hand and created using traditional media such as pen + ink, pencil or watercolor.  The illustrations of animals, nature and our beloved, pet families are designed and created in beautiful, Burlington Vermont. 

Our first collection, I Ain't Pure honors the dogs in our lives and is created using traditional pen + ink for a classic and vintage style. Cat friends came next in that same style with the I Ain't No Pussycat  line and we add new designs to both each year.  Inspired by the beauty we see everyday here in Vermont our garden, farm and songbird collections are the newest members of our family.

The Illustrations are always positive, with uplifting artwork and a touch of humor for any occasion.  Fun fact, many of the animal illustrations for our stationery and gift products were rescued or adopted and we donate a percentage of each sale to the Pawsitive Change Program, an innovative and progressive program that pairs incarcerated men and juveniles with rescued dogs for mutual rehabilitation.

asher + arden products are designed, packaged and printed in the USA.